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Kamal Sabeh


Kamal-2Mr. Sabeh’s experience is working with engineers & architects in design Build projects mostly steel construction.   2002-2007 GM of a pre-engineered metal building  manufacturer (6 different divisions and companies) since 1999, developed and trained contractors knowing only  1 or 2 trades to the understanding of General Construction and steel construction within our industry.

Just after 2007 Mr. Sabeh was a partner of a pre-engineering manufacture in Pittsburgh and owner of 2 Design Build companies that work both in and out of the US.  He is currently training his team on MBS, Sketch up, Sales force, AUTO CAD and logistics of construction.  His sales organization is proficient in marketing and understands how to develop pipelines to organize within the procedures given.

His past performances just in the last 5 years was the Power Plant in Kabul Afghanistan supplying most of the steel, all the drawings and logistics in transportation Karachi port through the Torqham border to the site in Kabul. Performed K- Span Projects in Pakistan and Iraq (Steel Quonset Huts) Supply design build and completion of facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai U.A.E.

Working in the US we ship over 80-100 Buildings a month minimum 2000-2007.

2009-2012 was supplying design build and steel construction materials and experience to the JCCI and State Department in Kabul Afghanistan some for consulting and some that are under contract at this time. Supplied steel construction to the following: Egypt, U.A.E. Bahrain, Afghanistan, South Africa (Sierra Leon and Angola) Jordan, Belize, virgin islands, all the states in the US,  Including Alaska and Hawaii for the last 12 years and Internationally for the last 7 years.

He also is a consultant to many steel contractors that still request his expertise in steel construction and how to identify the buyer needs and to overcome all objections during appointments with buyers and contractors.

Since Jan 2011 to date the APEX team has been working in the Great North (the Bakken) we’ve completed over 16 design build projects and finishing up 2 large projects 23,000 sq. ft. truck wash and a maintenance facility for an oil service company (22,600 sq. ft.) our strengths is in handling large projects with our construction management team and strong vendor base outside of the Bakken. We have also just partnered up with NUCOR Buildings & Garco Buildings and currently the largest steel suppliers in the world.

Kamal’s belief is to invest into a strong management team (people) that can trust each other to be a good example of how our country was founded on education and thinking outside the box.  Having good people is a critical part of a strong foundation.






Our Apex Construction Team
The backbone of APEX USA is our knowledgable, dependable construction team. All team members are incredibly skilled in multi trades necessary for steel building construction, including concrete, carpentry and finish work.

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