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Kabul Power Plant (2) 22-Apr-09 020Power Plant

APEX USA designed and implemented a full scale power plant in Kabul, Afghanistan, allowing for the generation and transmission of energy and electricity to the surrounding area.



afghan-bowlExecutive Building

Located in Kabul, Afghanistan, this commercial retail building includes executive suites, conference rooms, a restaurant, a conference room and wedding hall on the top floor, as well as a bowling alley in the basement.


Maintaince Building

This was used by the blacks ops division as a maintenance facility for their vehicles and was highly protected from outsiders.  It took us almost 2 hours a day just to get into the amp in the morning and leave in the evening.  The most secretive project I have ever been involved with, the building was made from our frame cad machine in Kabul using 14-16 gauge coils to make light gauge members to construct this 80’ x 120’ x 24’ building turnkey.


Simulation Shoot House in Camp Watan Kabul, Afghan.Simulation Shooting House

This project was requested by State Dept. and Department of Defense to be used as a practice facility for training soldiers procedures.  APEX designed this building without any type of renderings from our government. To avoid lost materials due to shipping through Karachi Port we made the steel, doors and windows in Kabul and did not outsource our materials out of Dubai like the other contractors we made our product at a shop on Jalalabad road 2 miles from Camp Watan.

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