Environmental Policy


As a construction company, we are building the future. APEX USA is committed to sustainability and the construction of green buildings. We believe in creating buildings and products that protect the earth for future generations. The sustainability and energy efficiency of new buildings and developments is not just important for the environment, it is essential to cutting costs for our customers.

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We don’t just want to be a green company, we want to be the leader in environmentally friendly and energy efficient construction. The importance of environmental protection and energy efficiency is a priority to all of our staff. Many buildings can have LEED points or achieve LEED Certification.

We operate as locally as possible to reduce the long distance transportation of materials. This cuts cost for the consumer and helps to reduce gas consumption and carbon emissions. It is incumbent on a contractor to consider environmental pollution and damage as well as air, water and land resources.

We are responsible in our construction site clean up, and use our resources efficiently to reduce the amount of waste materials.

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